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FAQ - Employees

Q1: How long is a Drug Test valid?

A1: One year from the test date.

Q2: How do I know when my annual test needs to be renewed?

A2: You will receive a notification in the mail, roughly one month prior to your expiration date, with specific instructions.

Q3: What does the test cost me?

A3: There is no cost for the Initial, Annual or Random (CGS) tests.

Q4: How do I find an approved collection facility to take my test?

A4: Your Third Party Administrator (TPA) has a network of testing locations custody and control form.

Q5: How do I find an approved collection facility to take my test ?

A5: Your Third Party Administrator (TPA) has a network of testing locations nationwide and will provide instructions for finding a facility convenient to you on the test notification letter. If you are working out of town this does not excuse you from testing. Call your TPA and they can submit an electronic custody and control form.

Q6: Do I need to take anything with me when I go to a collection facility?

A6: Yes, you will need valid photo identification and the "Authorization for Substance Abuse Testing" form / confirmation number.

Q7: What happens if I fail (test positive)?

A7: You will be required to meet with a Substance Abuse Professional, complete a prescribed treatment plan and provide a negative Return-to-Duty test (you pay for this test). You will also be put onto a list of people to receive random tests more frequently.

Q8: If necessary how is rehabilitation paid for?

A8: If you have enough hours your health insurance provides substance abuse treatment coverage, if you do not have coverage the TPA will help you to find a local provider that accepts sliding scale payment.

Q9: What do I do if I cannot report for random (CGS) testing by the deadline date?

A9: Contact your union's and company's Designated Representative who will review your situation and discuss options.

Q10: Can I go for testing after the random deadline date?

A10: No, the test must be performed by the date established or you will be considered a "no show" the equivalent of a positive test and will need to follow the policy's corrective action process to become eligible.

Q11: How many times can I be selected for a random (CGS) test?

A11: You may be selected more than once or not at all throughout the year.

Q12: Once notified for a random (CGS) test, how much time do I have to test?

A12: Typically anywhere from 48 - 72 hours. A deadline date will be listed on the notification.

Q13. Who is my TPA?

A13. Find your local below.

Mobile Medical Corporation

  • Carpenters IKORCC
  • Cement Masons #404
  • Electricians #38
  • Floorlayers IKORCC
  • Glaziers #181
  • Laborers #310
  • Laborers #758
  • Millwrights IKORCC
  • Painters DC#6
  • Pile Drivers IKORCC
  • Pipe Fitters #120
  • Plumbers #55
  • Roofers #44
  • Sheet Metal Workers #33

Safety Controls Technologies

  • Bricklayers #5, #16, #40 & #46
  • Plasterers #31
  • Tapers DC#6
  • Tile Layers #36

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If you have questions that are not answered above, please talk with your trade's Designated Representative (DR) or Third Party Administrator (TPA).